Meet Florida's Newest Supreme Court Justice

Photo of Justice Meredith L. Sasso with the text: Full Court Press. The official newsletter of the Florida State Courts System. Graphic of the OSCA logo.

Justice Meredith L. Sasso became the newest justice of the Florida Supreme Court when she was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis on May 23, 2023. As Florida’s 93rd justice, she brings to the Court a broad and diverse background of legal experience and a refined judicial philosophy.

A Tallahassee native, Justice Sasso is among a relatively small cohort of other justices from the capitol city. She said, “I would have never predicted my career would lead me here, but it is an incredible honor to serve, and that opportunity is made sweeter by the fact that the office is right down the road from my high school and across the street from a building I spent a lot of time in growing up.” That other building is the Florida State Capitol, where her father worked as a legislative analyst.

To learn more about Justice Sasso, please see the fall 2023 edition of the Full Court Press.

Last Modified: January 02, 2024